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3M Masks Respirators KN95 N95 9502+. 50 masks. FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING

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Cheap 3M N95 KN95 9502+ Respirators Masks. Genuine. Original. Pack of 50 masks.

Headband elastic loop design.

High efficiency electrostatic filter cotton with low breathing resistance. 95% guaranteed flitraton of non-oily particulate matter.

Linner lining is soft and smooth. This increases comfort to the user and makes for a tighter air seal.

Adjustable nose clip to ensure a tighter air seal and better protection.

Foldable design makes it easy to carry, store and keep clean.

Suitable for protecton from dust, smog, and also to protect metal smoke such as welding smoke, lead smoke, casting smoke and some heavy metal dust. The filtration efficiency of non-oily particulate matter is at least 95%.


Difference between KN95 and N95 Masks

In practical terms, there are no significant differences between a quality KN95 and N95 mask. KN95 is the standard of testing and certification from China whilst N95 is the equivalent standard for the United States. You can read up on the technical differences from the following 3M document:

Conequently the FDA, Food and Drug Administration which is responsible for protecting public health in the USA has authorised the use of KN95 certified respirators.

How to check authencity of the 3M mask?

Scratch off coating to reveal the 16 digit serial number. Call the 3M verfication number on 0011 86 4008810280. Note you need to understand Mandarin.

How to use the 3M mask?

You can read up on how to wear and use the 3M mask in the following pdf