Price Chart

Our screen printing price chart / screen printing price guide can be used to work out the cost of your t-shirt printing order. There are 3 components involved:  Apparel cost, set up cost and printing cost.

Apparel cost can be found in the PRODUCTS section - this depends on the quantity of apparel ordered and the actual apparel ordered.

Set up cost depends on the number of colours printed. Each colour printed needs a set of film and a screen made for it. A red and white logo on a black t-shirt will require 2 sets of film and 2 screens made.

Lastly is the printing cost which again depends on the number of colours printed. More colours in your screen printed artwork means more time spent printing. Some garments such as high visibility garments are more difficult to print on than regular 100% cotton t-shirts. We have to charge accordingly. Speciality inks such as waterbase, discharge, glitter, puff, cracking ink etc will also incur a surcharge.