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6th Nov 2017

Satirical Cartoon depicting the SSM vote and debate in Australia.Infographic illustrating whats free in Blizzard's Free to Play Starcraft promotion.soO the King of Kongs. Loves to come second. … read more
Photos Taken Around Oakleigh South

Photos Taken Around Oakleigh South

Posted by Administrator on 20th Sep 2017

Testing my new Canon lens, EF 28mm,1:2.8 with 1D Mark III at a few local sites. If you wish to have these full colour images sublimated onto custom t-shirts you can order t-shirts from our s … read more

Custom T-shirt Printing Melbourne - Artwork Requirements

Posted by Polu Chan on 15th Jul 2017

Custom T-shirt Screen Printing involves a number of steps, all of which are essential to a high quality printed t-shirt. The first step is obviously preparing the artwork, then followed by screen coat … read more