Screen Printing Services


Teesnow offers a variety of screen printing services, direct to garment printing, cad cut vinyl heat pressing, colourprint vinyl heat pressing, sublimation printing and of course traditional screen printing. The method we use to print your t-shirts will depend on the design, number of colours printed, quantity and also the material printed on. We have over 10 years experience in printing garments and will do our best to advise the client on to best bring their project to fruition.

Whether you are printing a custom gift for a birthday, printing a conference t-shirt, doing a large promotional run of t-shirts or starting a t-shirt brand, we can help you out.


We understand that you need your orders delivered fast. Our EXPRESS SERVICE products can be printed and posted in only 1 to 3 working days at no extra charge. Our EXPRESS SERVICE delivery guarantees that you will get your orders on the exact date you need them. No matter how quickly you need the goods, each order we ship is approved to meet our standards for the highest quality. We have stream lined the production process for EXPRESS SERVICE items for over 5 years and feel confident we will meet any deadline, there are many jobs which are printed and posted the same day. For all other Teesnow PRODUCTS please allow 1-2 weeks for us to complete the job.


We understand that the majority of our customers are not graphic designers. To ensure each screen printing design comes out exactly as envisioned, we will review, adjust and repair every design submitted by our clients so that it is printed to perfection. We have printed t-shirts where artwork is submitted as crayon drawings, word documents and even a sketch made from Paint. Most artwork adjusting is free of charge except in cases where the design is complex or original artwork needs to be created. We can help with that as well but have to charge accordingly for the time spent.


We are not limited to printing onto t-shirts or apparel. We can also screen print tote bags, cushions, pillow cases, tea towels,hats, high visibility workwear, stubby holders, sticker decals etc. As long as the surface is flat and the material can with stand the heat of cu
ring the ink, we can print on it.


We can print 1 off custom t-shirts via digital printing methods and vinyl cad cut. For traditional screen printing our minimum is 10 because we have to print film, coat and expose a screen, print and then wash out for every job. This is a lot of work and for less than 10 pieces the price is prohibitive. For a quantity less than 10, the other printing techniques are usually more appropriate. Direct to Garment Printing, Vinyl Printing and Sublimation do not require setup and we will gladly print your lower quantities with one of these methods at an affordable rate.


Plastisol Ink

At Teesnow we offer a range of screen printing inks, namely, plastisol, waterbase and discharge. The large majority of jobs are printed with plastisol inks because they are the most production friendly inks. Plastisol inks do not dry in the screen and can be cured rapidly in the dryer. Moreover it can be printed wet on wet which speeds up production further. The wide range of additives for plastisol inks permits it to be printed onto many materials, for example low cure additive to print onto sublimated garments. Plastisol inks have the highest opacity and produce the most vibrant prints, factors which allows us to colour match to Pantone Matching System PMS colours.

Waterbase Ink

Waterbase ink is as the name implies uses water as the main solvent, (though it is not the only solvent). As water evaporates rapidly in a hot environment like a screen printing shop waterbase inks are not production friendly. Great care has to be taken to ensure that the screen does not get dried in. It is not advisable to leave the job on the screen more than a few minutes, whereas plastisol ink can be left for the whole weekend without any issues. Waterbase inks take three times the drying time compared to plastisol inks and are not as vibrant, thus not recommended for PMS colour matching jobs.

The advantage of waterbase inks is that it is printed into the fabric which results in a softer hand, compared plastisol inks which sit on top of the fabric and results in a stiffer print.

Discharge Ink

Discharge screen printing is similar to regular water base screen printing except that there is no need for a white under base print. We first start off with a clear base, add pigment to colour it up and ZFS, a bleaching agent to remove the colour from the garment. The bleaching agent turns the coloured garment to an off white colour during curing and the pigment colours the garment. Not all dyes have the same chemical properties so the discharge effect varies according to the colour of the garment. Thus colour matching is not recommended for discharge printing. On the other hand the resulting print is very soft hand which is suitable for high end fashion garments.

Speciality Inks

We offer a range of special effect inks such as foiling, puff, metallic, glow in the dark, cracking, suede, high stretch, performance textiles etc. If there is a special effect you require to bring your design to life, ask us and we most probably can help you out. See our Price Guide/Chart for an indication of speciality ink pricing.


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